WKK: official European distributor of Hongshang heat shrink tubing!

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Since the 1st of February 2010, WKK has a cooperation with
Hongshang Heat Shrinkable Materials. This means that WKK is an official European importer and distributor of the Asian quality brand Hongshang. Therefore, WKK can supply virtually all types of heat shrink tubing and accessories to customers throughout Europe: from thin-wall heat shrink tubing, medium-wall heat shrink tubing and heavy-wall heat shrink tubing to medium voltage products and from endcaps to repairsleeves.


Hongshang is an Asian manufacturer of high quality heat shrink tubing and accessories. As a leading manufacturer of cross-linked heat shrinkable products, Hongshang develops and produces heat shrink tubing for the energy sector, electronic industry, automotive, communication, construction, ship building and other large industries that use the effective isolation and protection of functional parts, components and systems.

Core values

Just as WKK, Hongshang also has the core values: honesty, reliability, effectiveness and superior service. Through these core values, Hongshang has had a huge influence on the growth of different markets around the world. This enables customers to obtain their high quality, low cost, heat shrinkable products from a reliable supplier.

Growth strategy

The cooperation between WKK and Hongshang fits in WKK’s previously mentioned growth strategy as well as in that of Hongshang Heat Shrinkable Materials. Just as WKK, Hongshang would also like to expand its market share and competitive position. By working together, both companies can attempt to conquer the European market, where Hongshang’s heat shrink tubing will be a European concept just as it is in Asia, North America and Oceania.

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