The founding of WKK GmbH

In 2013, WKK established a new company: WKK GmbH. This company focuses on the development and production of cable accessories for the European energy market. The assortment of WKK GmbH consists of low voltage and medium voltage cable accessories up to 36 kV in cold & heat shrink, elbow connectors, innercone connectors and heat shrink tubing.

Reasons for establishment

In recent years, WKK has grown rapidly in the heat shrink segment with the help of our partner Hongshang Heat Shrinkable Materials. As a result of this partnership and because of the requests from the energy market, WKK decided to set up a specialized company to serve customers in this market with a high standard of service and a dedicated team with a huge knowledge of the products.

Plan for the future

According to Pim Vermeulen, Technical / Commercial Manager of WKK GmbH: “In the near future WKK GmbH wants to grow and become one of the big players in the European energy market. We want to achieve this by offering our customers solutions for all kind of connection problems.”

WKK GmbH will offer their customers custom designed products (designed according to the IEC 60502 and HD 629.1 standards), an extensive range of cable accessories and heat & cold shrink tubing. Pim Vermeulen: “We are for 100% convinced that WKK GmbH will become a big success in the European energy market!”

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