Two-components PUR cast resin for T-type parallel branch joint / WPR-T

WPR-T 140 x 105
Compact dimensions
Splice site visible before installation
Excellent transparent shockproof plastic shell
Ready for immediate operation
Quick and easy assembly saves time and reduces costs
Resistant to chemical agents
Resistant to alkaline earth elements
Stabilized against UV rays
Longitudinally and transversely watertight
High electrical insulating values
High mechanical strength
Type / Size Main cable size mm² (4x) Branch cable size mm² (4x) L/mm B/mm D/mm H/mm
WPR-T1 2,5 - 6 2,5 - 6
WPR-T2 4 - 16 4 - 16
WPR-T3 6 - 25 6 - 16

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