Two-components Epoxy cast resin for Y-type parallel branch joint / WER-Y

WER-Y 140 x 105
Compact dimensions
Splice site visible before installation
Excellent transparent shockproof plastic shell
Ready for immediate operation
Excellent multi-purpose moisture sealing resin
Bonds to itself and to most modern cable jackets
Thermal setting: designed to not melt or run once cured
Designed to be stable at elevated temperatures
Generates its own heat to cure
Tough & Oil resistant
Type / Size Main cable size mm² (4x) Branch cable size mm² (4x) L/mm H/mm D1/mm D2/mm
WER-Y00 1,5 - 2,5 1,5
WER-Y0 4 - 10 4
WER-Y1 6 - 25 16

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