Medium voltage heat shrink cable accessories are commonly used throughout the world when jointing or terminating medium voltage cables. Design variations depend on geographical region, type of application, as well given location.

The kits can be tailor made to suit almost all cable types. Manufactured from cross-linked materials, they provide a versatile solution for a vast range of cable design. Superior range taking capabilities allow them to be used with a wide variety of connectors and lugs (mechanical or crimp).

Material and compound R&D ensure that each tube has its own and special characteristic. With the use of stress grading mastic and stress control tube, the equipotential lines are harmonized and placing the
anti-tracking tube would finish a termination, where as a joint would be completed by the use of a dual layer tube (insulating / semi-conducting) and an adhesive thick-wall tube to restore the outer jacket.

Constant technological and material development has reduced the kit components needed to complete a joint or termination, making them easier to be installed. Shelf life is practically unlimited and few kit sizes cover a vast cross section range, reducing inventory values.

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